• Surfing El Salvador

    Surfing El Salvador

    Surfing El Salvador offers a unique surf experience with excellent surf all year round, there are no flat days in El Salvador. Our guides are well experienced local surfers that have all the knowledge of El Salvador coastline.

  • Surfing El Salvador

    Surfing La Libertad

    La Libertad Surfing consists in several different waves beginning at the coastal town of La Libertad. It contains one of the highest ranked waves in Central America, Punta Roca and La Paz a great longboard wave right in front of AST Surf Hotel.

AST Surf Hotel located in the coastal town of La Libertad, in the epicenter of Surfing in El Salvador, just a few steps to the world class wave of Punta Roca and right in front of La Paz wave, which is a classic pointbreak, perfect for longboards and offers the perfect set up to learning how to surf.

Surfing Season El Salvador

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  • March-May

    This is the most consistent time of the year with clean waves (6- 12 ft). During this period there are many days with good surfing all day long. This is the end of the dry season and water temp is around 82F.

  • June-October

    During this time is when El Salvador’s coastline gets the largest swells of the year, from 6 to 12 ft, originated from the South Pacific’s swells. Water temp is around 82F.

  • November-December

    This is right after the rainy season and waves get a little smaller, usually swells with 4 – 6ft waves but very clean and perfectly peeling over the pointbreak. Water and temperature drops a few degrees (78-degree) but still wetsuit not needed. Offshore winds allow perfect surfing conditions all day long.

  • January-February

    These are the less consistent months of the year, waves get smaller (2- 5 ft), however the climate is perfect with cool evenings and bright sunny days. This is the perfect time of the year to learn how to surf or to score clean backbreaker peaks.

La Libertad Waves

  • Punta Roca

    Punta Roca

    The Surf in Punta Roca (aka "La Punta," or, to traveling Americans, "The Point") is a world-class wave that draws comparisons to J-Bay, Noosa, and other standout right-hand, rock-bottom pointbreaks.

  • La Paz

    La Paz

    La Paz is the inside section of Punta Roca. La Paz is the easier, softer side of the wave and tends to draw surfers not quite ready for the more serious waves a couple hundred yards north.

  • Sunzal


    Extremely consistent quasi-world class rock-bottom right point. Tends to be a favorite of San Salvadoran weekend warriors, so with a bit of tact and skill you can have your pick of waves even when it's crowded.

  • La Bocana

    La Bocana

    Extremely consistent river mouth wave breaking over a cobblestone bottom. This is the most consistent left hand wave in the country, it breaks good almost at any tide.

  • Zonte


    This is a right hand point break with beautiful settings of the headlands, this is one of the best spots because of it breaks well in any swell direction.

  • KM 59

    KM 59

    Right point. It is in a gated community of beach houses, but the break is a rock bottom that has good hollow waves. Best at mid-incoming tide.

  • Mizata


    Right and left point break which can break very good on 3-5ft swells. This is another of the desolated surf spots. This break offer right and left waves. This spot consist in two sections which are a right hand pointbreak and A frame beachbreak.